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Wildflower Ridge Review

Have you ever read a book that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy? One that is so well written that you are completely immersed in the world created and feel as if you have lived the experiences you read on the page? A book that leaves you with a smile on your face as you close it for the last time, but also a sense of sadness because you don't want it to end? This book ticked ALL those boxes for me.

After reading Wildflower Ridge, I felt as if I had spent time in country Victoria with my Father and sisters, I had raised a lamb to sheephood in my house, I had reconnected with my high school sweetheart - actually, scratch that, mine was awful! - I watched as my sister reconnected with her high school sweetheart, baked enough sweets to feed an army and most importantly, been on a journey that had moved me.

About a quarter of the way through this book I made contact with the author on instagram to share how wonderfully written it was, which is not something I often do. I was blown away by the skill used to combine the imagery, the colloquialisms, the friendships, sisterhood,

Wildflower Ridge by Maya Linnel book cover

and romance. All of it left me wishing it would never end. It is just such a lovely book!!

This is a wonderful debut novel and I hope to see more from Maya Linnell!