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Questions to ask an Author - Cassie Laelyn

Updated: Feb 19

Do you know who’s cool? Authors that are so humble, helpful and friendly that you forget you are supposed to be fangirling hard over them. Of course, this describes Cassie Laelyn, author of The Fallen Guardians series perfectly.

Cassie and I connected over a shared ride to the 2019 RWA Conference hotel (I’m sensing a theme here, all the best people attend!).

After spending many an hour messaging back and forth about pitching, querying, publishing, I decided to support my friend and purchase her book, Unforsaken.

I was just being nice, I don’t read Paranormal.

Correction: I didn’t.

Cassie and the Fallen Guardians changed all that.

WOW. Girl can write! And what a hot bunch of sexy supernatural characters she has created.

Unforsaken, Book 1, is currently on sale for .99c ($1.47 for us Aussies) and I doubt you’ll spend a better dollar. Run, don’t walk, and get it here.

Unforgotten, Book 2 is set for release on February 26. Get it here.

Take it away Cassie!

What made you choose the genre you write in?

I’ve always loved reading paranormal books. As a teen, I began writing stories about creatures that went bump in the night or stories that made your heart race long after you finished reading. It wasn’t until my early twenties that I discovered the combination of those paranormal creatures plus romance, and instantly fell in love! I mean, there’s nothing better! Following the advice from someone much wiser than me, I write what I love to read.

How long did it take you to write your first book?

When we relocated to Queensland, I took 12 months off work to spend more time at home and with my boys. That was also when I also dipped my toe into writing my first full length paranormal romance (Unforsaken). I wrote on and off that year during school hours and in between all the cool things I signed up for! Then the following year I joined RWA and enrolled in a heap of OWLs. After my crash course in all things romance, I went back and rewrote my book! All up, I wrote Unforsaken over 2 years.

How long did it take you to get your first book published?

I was one of the lucky ones. I began querying traditional publishers in Feb 2018 and received multiple contract offers. I signed with my publisher in May, and Unforsaken released in January 2019.

The best writing tip you ever received?

Believe in yourself and your story. Your characters came to you, no one else. You are the only person who can tell their story!

Any advice for the unpublished/querying author?

See above point… believe in yourself! I read something a while ago (I can’t remember who wrote it!) but the author said that not everyone has characters talking to them in their head. Weird, I know. But if you do have those pesky little voices, then you are meant to write their stories. Do it! Keep writing, learning, querying, until your stories are out in the world for everyone to read them.

Also, accept that everyone’s journey is different (this is still something I struggle with). Whether you choose the trad or indie route to publish your work (or both), rapid release or write one or two books a year, write under a pen name or not, it doesn’t matter. Do what is right for YOU and your journey.

A final piece of advice (because I’m on a roll now): surround yourself with beautiful and supportive people (a.k.a your tribe!). This is super important. These people will cheer the loudest, promote your work to everyone, encourage you at every step in your journey, and most importantly, lift you up off the floor when everything seems to hard (this will happen, trust me). You absolutely need these people in your corner. J

· Who is your inspiration in the writing world?

There are so many authors I admire but there are two that stand above the others: Kresley Cole and JR Ward. Both these ladies have built a phenomenal readership over the past decade (or more) on one long-standing series, and their paranormal world-building skills are legendary. Plus their ability to create so many complex layers of conflict between two characters continually amazes me.

Thank you, Ava for having me on your blog today! And thank you also to everyone who’s dived into The Fallen Guardian’s world – I hope you love every minute!

Cassie x

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