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A Lifetime of Impossible Days @ Avid Reader

I recently attended Tabitha Bird's launch of her debut novel, A Lifetime of Impossible Days held at Avid Reader (where else?!) and hosted by the powerhouse, Cass Moriarty.

Described as "A thoughtful, uplifting and magical story of childhood, family and finding ways to change the inevitable" A Lifetime is a story about "The Willa's" one person, at three different ages.

This novel asks the reader to suspend disbelief and embrace the magic that runs throughout the story without ever feeling the need to explain the why's or how's and I loved that. It wastes no time explaining how this magic occurs, it simply asks you to jump on the train and go for a ride.

And what a ride.

Stunningly written, beautifully illustrated and heartfelt novel that makes the reader feel and well as think about their own feelings towards the themes of love, truth and forgiveness.

I was thrilled to get a seat near the front of the room as the event at Avid Reader was full! People were sitting in the garden on the ground, so keen to connect with Tabitha and this novel they didn't mind staining the seat of their pants.

Tabitha herself was resplendent in her red gumboots, paying homage to her Willas and is a confidant public speaker who shared her own personal story so honestly and openly that it created an environment of an intimate conversation, rather than an authors event.

Her family were all in attendance, from her Grandmother to her own sons, sitting patiently at the side of the room, watching with bemused pride at this new side to their mother.

Tabitha shared her writing process, from how she started really organically to her non-linear 'pantser' style of writing, her emotional truths, her love of drawing, chihuahua's and her husband in way that left me rooting for her and this books success.

This book can be found at all major book retailers.

A lifetime of Impossible days book cover

Tabitha Bird and her Willa gumboots